ITIL Implementation on ERP

Investigating Customer Experience to Improve Performance

Client: Chanel
Working Time: March 2016 – August 2016

Development of online store and integration with SAP Business One – the ERP program which is considered one of the best systems for large and medium-sized enterprises.

Our Professional pride is to accept challenges

demo-marketing-the_challenge Increases self- service functionality, reduce your inventory cost by having updated sales information, generate financial reports in ERP, based on web transactions, reduced human involvement, data redundancy and error and Increase customer satisfaction.

Best way to approach a problem is insight

demo-marketing-the_insight Since we developing projects for our customers since 2010, we have substantiated know-how for online shop solutions on the basis of different e-commerce ERP platforms.

Getting to goal with stategy

demo-marketing-the_plan The ability to determine whether imported orders should maintain order numbering from the store's panel. Moving orders from the store's panel to SAP Business One, cost of delivery, including the cost related to the selected payment method. Including the unit price of an item that matches the value from the SAP Business One catalogue or the catalogue from the store's panel. Finally moving returns from the store's panel to ERP.

Perfect pratice give perfect results

demo-marketing-the_result Integrating ecommerce store and ERP system dramatically cuts down on costs by eliminating the time and labor and instead of two systems it become one.

The ability to shop for products and services online is still relatively new. But eCommerce has already changed the way companies do business and interact with their customers forever. Having an online store has become a must for many types of retailers. Online stores have a number of benefits for customers and retailers alike. But maintaining an online storefront can quickly become an enormous, time-consuming hassle for retailers if their storefront isn’t linked to their ERP system.

This is because not having an integrated ecommerce and ERP doubles the amount of work retailers have to do. They have to manually enter and update information in both their online store and their ERP system. Not only is this a huge waste of time, it makes it much more likely that mistakes will be made, or that duplicate data will be entered.

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