API Integration for Shared Services

Client: Leon's
Working Time: February 2016 – March 2017
Purpose: Mobile solution that helps build a customer database for B2C sales points.

Personalization has been a long-time buzzword in commerce, but very few organizations are executing personalization strategies well—and at scale. User need to leverage all the data across their ecosystem to drive personalization, improve merchandising, and deliver highly relevant search results to convert shoppers into customers—and maximize conversions and order values.

Our Professional pride is to accept challenges

demo-marketing-the_challenge Mobile loyalty program that boost sales by improving the frequency of visits of returning and the most satisfied customers. It should quickly build a database of returning customers without additional effort on the part of your employees or big investments in marketing.

Best way to approach a problem is insight

demo-marketing-the_insight We have integrated into Vipster our wide range of experiences from various kinds of successful web and mobile projects. Following the latest trends in marketing and integrate them into solutions for attracting more and more new and returning customers. We are boosting sales for our clients by implementing new marketing approaches.

Getting to goal with stategy

demo-marketing-the_plan Integrating data, and ensuring right tools to give a 360 degree view of customer. Once our client enabled this integration, he can use the data as goldmine, and can begin to formulate better strategies, associate true value to customers, and begin a 1-to-1 level of marketing with your customer segments. To having more relevant conversations with customers, ensuring they are given the best possible shopping experience, and of course have them keep coming back for more.

Perfect pratice give perfect results

demo-marketing-the_result A major factor that has caused a shift in the CRM and B2C space is the pressure companies now face to deliver a superior customer experience. With fierce competition online, price isn’t your competing factor anymore, everything now revolves around creating a great and memorable customer experience, CRM systems can arm both sales and marketing teams with data to have more relevant conversations with customers, and allow for a much richer customer segmentation experience.

A data capture strategy sets out how you collect and manage information about your customers, clients and prospects. A good data capture strategy will deliver high quality customer data, allowing you to better understand your customers and enhance your relationship with them.Firstly, it is important to identify what information you require to allow you to meet your objectives. Initially it may be easy to be guided only by what is currently available, or to feel overwhelmed with the sheer volume of data you already have.

Good practice is to start by working out what information is most important. From there, you can then investigate where this information is currently captured or where it may be in the future. The observed preferences and behaviors of your customers may differ radically from how they perceive themselves or wish to be perceived when asked directly. This could be in an IT system like a CRM, contact management, finance or order management system or somewhere less obvious; such as email signatures, paper invoices or elsewhere.

IT outsourcing services are increasingly important to us as well as to our customers that want to ensure high-quality, sustainable, and cost-effective operation of their ERP and cloud solutions and IT environments. As an Outsourcing Services partner we provide many number of services across a wide range of IT and IoT products.