Auto Ticketing & CRM Integration

Client: Nelvana
Working Time: June 2011 – August 2014
Purpose: Consolidation in the market of high technologies and advertising campaign

Linktiger is a technology startup on a mission to provide an easy-to-use tool that locates broken links on websites.

Our Professional pride is to accept challenges

demo-marketing-the_challenge Broken links create a big problem for websites, eCommerce, etc. They can frustrate and drive away visitors, while stopping online buyers in their tracks. Broken links interrupt user interaction and diminish overall user experience regardless of whether the link is a local or remote resource. Finding and correcting broken links are critical to online sales, as well as building or maintaining the site`s (and company`s) credibility.
Challenge was to develop sophisticated system with an extensive backend, operating on fairly light hardware. The ability to run multiple crawlers was necessary in order to handle checking thousands of websites every day.

Best way to approach a problem is insight

demo-marketing-the_insight Automatic processing of websites and social network APIs, scraping them as big data and rendering archived websites back to the users is what we can code. We went through every phase here: requirements analysis, prototyping, architecture, UI/UX design, development, testing, deployment, maintenance, system administration, and support.

Getting to goal with stategy

demo-marketing-the_plan After in-depth evaluations of existing commercial and open source crawlers, we decided that developing a web crawler from scratch was in order. During the development phase and continuing through years of maintenance, our software engineers constructed a highly mature crawler capable of handling almost every single peculiarity of specific web server, and occasionally, even browser behavior.

Perfect pratice give perfect results

demo-marketing-the_result Our development team designed an advanced architecture that is quickly and easily scalable by simply plugging in additional servers as Linktiger`s load grows. Always striving for the highest performance level, String services software developers went through a series of optimizations that resulted in the system processing terabytes of downloaded documents daily. It`s even capable of extracting links from Javascript code.

Having started with sketchy napkin requirements, the custom software was successfully prototyped, built and continued to undergo a few major redesigns over the years. Redwerk has been constantly expanding the system`s functionalities to meet customer demands. Our software developers handle maintenance and fix and issues bugs reported by end users. By outsourcing software development and maintenance to String Services, Linktiger`s team can concentrate on marketing, sales and requirements elaboration.

Today, Linktiger serves well over 15,000 happy users. It crawls tens of thousands websites daily, instantly notifying subscribers about broken links so they can be fixed before they negatively impact their business. Linktiger`s customers include such globally known customers as Telus,, Microsoft, KluwerLaw, US Department of Transportation, the city of Las Vegas, Nevada and the Australian Government.

IT outsourcing services are increasingly important to us as well as to our customers that want to ensure high-quality, sustainable, and cost-effective operation of their ERP and cloud solutions and IT environments. As an Outsourcing Services partner we provide many number of services across a wide range of IT and IoT products.