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Implementing Oracle Utilities Cloud Suite to enable operational excellence

Client: Vivendi
Working Time: June 2016 – March 2017
Purpose: Implementing Oracle Utilities Cloud Suite to enable operational excellence and enhance customer satisfaction while reducing cost and workload.

Our Professional pride is to accept challenges

demo-marketing-the_challenge Evolving business and technology needs faster and with less risk, while reducing IT cost and workload.

Best way to approach a problem is insight


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Getting to goal with stategy

demo-marketing-the_plan Offload IT maintenance burden to the Oracle Cloud. Streamline business processes with productized system integration. Optimize technology performance with cloud infrastructure and platform services. Reduce system implementation time and cost.
Scale performance and data storage easily as needed. Upgrade quickly to access the latest features and capabilities. The most complete utility-focused cloud suite, including solutions for metering, analytics and mobile workforce.

Perfect pratice give perfect results

demo-marketing-the_result Provides unmatched depth and breadth of proven support for utilities’ most critical business areas with preconfigured analytics for the most complex use cases. Operationalizes insights which result in streamlined business operations that reduce O&M, tackle data challenges and priorities actions in a resource-constrained world.
Displays advanced analytics using a powerful, intuitive interface. Optimizes time-to-value while lowering financial risk. Improves operating performance through vetted analytic methodologies. Reduces lost revenue from energy theft. Increases network reliability and reduces maintenance expenditures. Prevents safety hazards in a cost-efficient manner

Deliver reliability and customer service across entire utility value chain using five modules, which are:

Asset Operations: Utilities Work and Asset Management, Utilities Mobile Workforce Management, Field Service, Cloud Service, Utilities Operational Device Management, and Utilities Analytics.

Network Operations: Utilities Network Management System and Utilities Analytics.

Meter Operations: Utilities Meter Data Management, Utilities Meter Solution Cloud Service, Utilities Smart Grid Gateway, DataRaker Cloud Service, Utilities Load Analysis and Oracle Utilities Analytics.

Customer Operations: Utilities Customer Care and Billing, Utilities Quotations Management, Utilities Opower Customer Service Interface Cloud Service, Utilities Analytics.

Customer Experience: Utilities Opower Digital Self Service Cloud Service, Utilities Opower Peak Management Cloud Service, Utilities Opower Energy Efficiency Cloud Service, Utilities Opower Proactive Alerts Cloud Service.

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