Cloud Architecture

Enhanced Business Performance with Cloud Solutions

We provide enterprise solutions for Infrastructure Automation, Mobile, Big Data & DevOps on Public or your Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud. Get ahead of the competition with speed and flexibility. Cloud Solutions can help you make faster and better business decisions with total visibility and control.

Our team of IT operations experts and Cloud consultants bring their extensive experience in designing and implementing Cloud architectures to your business, to help you determine a best of breed approach that is high performing/available, cost effective, scalable for the future, and best suited for your business needs.
  1. Planning
    CloudOps consultants will work to understand your needs and business goals, identify architectural, application and underlying infrastructure issues, assess your performance monitoring needs and perform a gap analysis.
  2. Information Gathering
    We partner with management, line of business and IT teams to gather knowledge about your business, and your application and infrastructure environment. When possible we interact directly with your services, logging directly onto systems in your current environment.
  3. Analysis & Recommendations
    With information, knowledge and data gathered, we’ll evaluate our findings and present back to you our findings, along with a recommended architectural approach.

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